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Catch a Match

Save the animal kiddos!

A unicorn in Africa? And what is the sneaky troll doing in the jungle? The crazy Chaos Cards are causing trouble on all continents.

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Help the animal kiddos get back to their parents and train your brain with our popular memo game. But watch out! The Chaos Cards could be hiding anywhere! Sometimes they help you, but at other times they are up to no good. And make sure you do not forget where the elephant is, in case you have to suddenly jump up and down on one leg five times.

“Catch a Match” is a crazy gaming experience for the entire family, combining body and mind to promote learning. Only those who play in a proactive way and concentrate have a chance to win a trophy!

At the OTATAA kids app lab, it was found that the little “Catch a Match” test players, in particular, strategically implemented the Chaos Cards very quickly and were able to cleverly outsmart the parents. The greatest fun was the ghost: playing in the fog with no orientation. Is that possible? Try it out!

PLAY AND LEARN with „Catch a Match”

Write us if you have any other crazy Chaos Card ideas. We are looking forward to your inspiration!

Your Otataa-Team

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